Book Pairing of the Week? – Man

Man has it been a long week! But now it’s Friday, and while part of me just wants to binge RuPaul’s Drag Race and play computer games from last decade, part of me knows that I have to write about what I’m reading this week. Not to mention Man by Kim Thuy (there should be the lil squiggly above the “a” but I don’t know how to do that and Friday night is not when I want to figure it out) would be a complete disservice to the work, which I read in one day. I read that book while hungry, which is usually a big turn-off for me.

Truly, the book synopsis does a disservice to the work. While there is indeed one arranged marriage, one steamy love affair, and lots of food, there is also a beautiful look at mother-daughter relations and survival. I found those parts to be far more important. Maybe because I’m obsessed with how women function in a family. Whatever.

All the talk about the Vietnamese restaurant made me want pho. So I ordered it. Now, I know that last week I ordered sushi, so it feels a little like cheating. But I don’t presume to know anything about making up a pho. That would be a disaster. I ain’t proud. And what else do you want when reading Man? Nothing. Nothing I tell you!

Now, back to my Drag Race.


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