Drunk Booking

Thursday night bar hopping turned into a talk about books, and I was all about it.

It was Whisky and Wing night. I was drinking a cocktail, and my friend was munching on wings when we started talking about books that we love but that are difficult to talk about. He mentioned The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. How do you have a discussion about it? Can you teach it to high school students? Or is the feeling that you get when you read it too ephemeral to analyze?

This is what we talk about when we’re drunk.

I think that any piece of literature worth its salt is teachable. The question is, at what level? I don’t think I would give The Age of Innocence to students who are struggling to read. But for students who want/need a challenge, it is perfectly teachable. The only way to learn is to challenge oneself, so more challenges! More problems!

I am quite hungover.

That’s all for this week. Reading and drinking: my favorite partnership.


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