Book Pairing of the Week: Howl’s Moving Castle

After finishing NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, I was excited to read something a little lighter and less murder-y. I was explaining Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones to someone, and she said, “Wait. So you’re reading another book in which some magical man with a magical vehicle who kidnaps young people and feeds off of their youth?” To which I replied, “Allegedly kidnaps young women and eats their hearts. Sheesh.” I guess I am still on my murder kick. Heck, American Psycho is up next.

But for now, I’m drinking up my “Poor Sophie” tea. I knew that I had to pair this book with tea, in honor of poor old Sophie trying to get comfortable with a hot drink. I found a tea at The Coffee and Tea Exchange called “The Magic of Roses” and knew that it was the tea for the job.


If the tea is for Sophie, the flavor is for Howl, ever magical and ever romantic. It’s sweet and floral and fruity, and it brews a deep red color. I made two cups of it, and I feel like I’m drinking one of his cloaks.

To this tea, I added some honey (about one tablespoon) for sweet Lettie and some Fireball (one and one half ounces) for Calcifer, the fire demon who steals the show.

FullSizeRender (15)

The result is a sweet drink with a fiery kick behind it. It’s warm and tastes like magic.

It’s a pretty simple book, and it’s a pretty simple pairing. But delicious nonetheless.


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