What do you do when you’ve finished all your books, but haven’t gotten a chance to go to the library? My problem.

I finished Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood today, despite my lengthy rant about how I was abandoning it last week. And I wound up adoring it! I believe I said something like “GET TO THE PSYCHOANALYSIS ALREADY,” and indeed once it got to the psychoanalysis, I got hooked. The suspense, the irony, the misogyny! I couldn’t put it down. Which turned out to be problematic, because now I’m out of books.

FullSizeRender (4)

In general, I tend to avoid bookstores, only because I know that if I go in a bookstore, I’ll be there for at least an hour and my bank account will deplete. But now that I’m in limbo, it was all I could do from running to the indie bookstore around the corner and snagging Carsick by (the one and only King of Filth) John Waters, which has been taunting me in the window.

I’ve also been eyeing those other reads which I abandoned “for now,” but I’m not interested. For the first time in a really long time, I got on the bus today without a book.

I’m also trying to locate Actual Air by David Berman, which I want to buy rather than loan. First of all, my library system doesn’t have it. Second of all, I like owning books. So consider this a teaser for my epic indie bookstore hunt for this collection of poetry. It’s sure to be a party.

In the meantime, I’m going to find something, anything, to read. Will I succumb to the window display around the corner? Probably. Will I regret it? Probably not.


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