It’s official. I’ve had to start a whole new section in my “Books to Read” notebook. Some people have a list; I have a whole notebook, organized by author’s last name. My M section overflowed, so I made a new one. That makes 48 books on the M list alone.

I’ve just recently started on Goodreads. I like it, but I like my notebook better for keeping track of future reads. It gives me a tangible list I can watch grow, and giving a little check mark to the ones I have finished is extremely satisfying.

I also don’t know how to exist without a list. I couldn’t possibly keep in my head the hundreds of titles that I want to read in my head. Plus it helps me select the next one based on genre, author, or whether or not it’s in a series. I feel the power!

But at the same time, if I read one book every week, I won’t finish my list until at least 2022. And by then, there will probably be a whole lot more books I want to read. On the one hand, yay lifetime of reading, but on the other hand, agh!

I don’t think of my list as a finite goal. I think about it has a whole bunch of suggestions for future me when she finishes a book.

FullSizeRender (3)

The only weird part of my list is that I have no authors on it with last names that start with Q or X. I can see where X may be challenging, but Q? Seems doable. And so the hunt continues. And let my list continue to grow!


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